Zahra fund spokesman has record

A fund was set up to provide financial and counseling support as police continue the search for a 10-year-old girl who was was reported missing 11 days ago.
And while one of the organizers of the Zahra Baker Fund was convicted of obtaining property under false pretenses, officials from the fund's parent organization, the Spiritual Counseling Network, say the felony charge shouldn't stop people from giving.
The fund, which was established Friday, aims to provide monetary and counseling support for those involved in the search for Zahra.
The Zahra Baker Fund's spokesman, the Rev. Brandon Greeson, was convicted of felony obtaining property under false pretenses, which occurred in 2006, according to court documents.
Dr. Timothy Curtis, Spiritual Counseling Network board president, said he knew Greeson was charged with obtaining property under false pretenses when Greeson started working at SCN, where Greeson is director of marketing and outreach.
"God rarely calls the qualified," Curtis said. "He qualifies the called."
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