WRESTLING ROUND UP: Foard, N-C, Saint take titles

The Newton-Conover, Fred T. Foard and St. Stephens wrestling teams captured titles on Saturday at their respective tournaments.

Red Devils take title at Freedom Invitational

The Newton-Conover wrestling team claimed the team title at the Freedom Invitational. Several Red Devil wrestlers also placed in the top four of their respective weight classes.

Below are the results from the event:

106 pounds
First place: Matt Strickland
Second place: Will Barlow
Third place: Ethan Trivette
Fourth place: Joseph Xiong

113 pounds
First place: Austin Klutz
Second place: Gabe Villamor
Third place: Dillon Hemphill
Fourth place: Thomas McLaughlin

120 pounds
First place: Coleman Carter
Second place: Dylan Crosby
Third place: Ty Pritchard
Fourth place: Bryan Teague

126 pounds
First place: Jonte Parker
Second place: Lance Johnson
Third place: Christian Giles
Fourth place: Zach Law

132 pounds
First place: Franklin Wepner
Second place: Cory Correl
Third place: Ryan Oxford
Fourth place: Dalton McGaliard

138 pounds
First place: Casey Toomey
Second place: Logan Miller
Third place: Dover Lowery
Fourth place: Alex Austin

145 pounds
First place: Sean Faro
Second place: Keith Hicks
Third place: Dan Avis
Fourth place: Robert Abee

152 pounds
First place: Josh Stephens
Second place: Nathan Reitzel
Third place: Elijah Whitaker
Fourth place: Jake Morris

160 pounds
First place: Cameron Chapman
Second place: Markel Hemphill
Third place: Rolen Benson
Fourth place: Daquan Suddreth

170 pounds
First place: Cory Lowman
Second place: Austin Minor
Third place: Isaiah Simon
Fourth place: Germaine Davenport

182 pounds
First place: Jonathan Clark
Second place: Hunter Penley
Third place: Collin Minor
Fourth place: Jacob Camp

195 pounds
First place: Jacob Copper
Second place: Joseph Jose
Third place: Zach Deaton
Fourth place: Andrew Gaither

220 pounds
First place: Jacob Miller
Second place: Scott Harlow
Third place: Thomas Willis
Fourth place: Jarren Pitts

285 pounds
First place: Richard Sharek
Second place: Daniel Morton
Third place: Jonathan Minton
Fourth place: Lance Blevins

Team scores
1. Newton Conover 212.5
T-2. Hibriten 109
T-2. Crest 109
T-4. South Caldwell 107.5
T-4. Freedom 107.5
6. Kings Mountain 83
7. Chase 77.5
8. Draughn 74.5

Foard wins North Lincoln Duals

The Fred T. Foard wrestling team claimed the title at Saturday's North Lincoln Duals wrestling tournament.

Below are the Tigers' results from the event:

Fred T. Foard 84, North Lincoln 0

106: Ricky Bonds (FTF) pin Elijah Thompson
113: Dylan Cassidy (FTF) pin Ryan Barbieri
120: Mikey Vincent (FTF) pin Ethan Thornhill
126: Austin Hughes (FTF) pin Conner Chroback
132: Ben Pitts (FTF) pin Grayson Hull
138: Alex Leatherman (FTF) pin Adam Wersching
145: Ben Hughes (FTF) pin Carter Woodby
152: Deante Powell (FTF) pin Zack Leary
160: Tate Blanton (FTF) pin Zachary Avery
170: Trevor Cook (FTF) pin Charles Magro
182: Christan Ohmer (FTF) pin Patrick Holden
195: Cameron Wilfong (FTF) won by forfeit
220: Nick Rotenberry (FTF) pin Jimmy Scott
285: Dylan Curtis (FTF) Casey Gamble

Fred T. Foard 63, West Rowan 9

106: Tyler Sywenki (WR) pin Issac Hollar
113: Thomas Current (WR) dec. Dylan Cassidy, 7-0
120: Mikey Vincent (FTF) won by forfeit
126: Caleb Mull (FTF) pin Josh McSwan
132: Ben Pitts (FTF) tech. fall Daykota Goodson, 15-0
138: Tate Fleming (FTF) maj. dec. Zac Ridenhour, 13-1
145: Ben Hughes (FTF) pin Walt Wagoner
152: Deante Powell (FTF) dec. Ben Kluttz, 8-2
160: Tate Blanton (FTF) pin Cody Eggers
170: Trevor Cook (FTF) dec. Wood Poteat, 3-2
182: Caleb Bumgarner (FTF) won by forfeit
195: Christian Ohmer (FTF) pin Jacob Tomlin
220: Ryan Christopher (FTF) pin Jacob Wood
285: Dylan Curtis (FTF) pin Francisco Castro

Fred T. Foard 55, West Iredell 17

106: Clay Bodenheimer (WI) dec. Ricky Bonds, 6-0
113: Dylan Cassidy (FTF) won by forfeit
120: Mikey Vincent (FTF) pin Sean Pappazis
126: Logan Pavia (WI) tech. fall Austin Hughes, 18-2
132: Payton Shuford (WI) pin Caleb Mull
138: Ben Pitts (FTF) pin Chris Pappazis
145: Ben Hughes (FTF) dec. Dillion Lambert, 7-4
152: Tate Blanton (FTF) maj. dec. Seth Bridgeman, 17-6
160: Jared Nicholson (WI) dec. Trevor Cook, 6-4
170: Caleb Bumgarner (FTF) pin Kenny Stevenson
182: Christian Ohmer (FTF) pin Travis Reed
195: Ryan Christopher (FTF) won by forfeit
220: Nick Rotenberry (FTF) pin Cody Faircloth
285: Dylan Curtis (FTF) pin Cody Coley

Fred T. Foard 51, Thomasville 18

106: Quahiygee Martin (T) dec. Ricky Bonds, 13-7
113: Dylan Cassidy (FTF) dec. Jason Boutsady, 7-3
120: Ahsan Butt (T) pin Mikey Vincent
126: Louis Dupree (T) dec. Austin Hughes, 6-5
132: Ben Pitts (FTF) tech. fall Corbin Wilson, 15-0
138: Ben Hughes (FTF) maj. dec. Brett Hokenson, 15-3
145: Deante Powell (FTF) dec. Lucas Williams, 4-1
152: Tate Blanton (FTF) pin Leo Carrasco
160: Trevor Cook (FTF) pin Darrius Broadie
170: Aaron Reeves (T) pin Caleb Bumgarner
182: Christian Ohmer (FTF) pin Nikko Weeman
195: Ryan Christopher (FTF) pin Keith Clemmons
220: Nick Rotenberry (FTF) won by forfeit
285: Dylan Curtis (FTF) won by forfeit

Fred T. Foard 71, Forestview 6

106: Issac Hollar (FTF) pin Karol Rodriquez
113: Dylan Cassidy (FTF) won by forfeit
120: Mikey Vincent (FTF) pin Banks Bradley
126: Austin Hughes (FTF) dec. Conrad Pogorzelski, 6-5
132: Ben Pitts (FTF) pin Chris Bess
138: Ben Hughes (FTF) pin Kolby Adams
145: Alex Leatherman (FTF) pin Dreshawn McFadde
152: Brandon Johnson (FTF) tech. fall Nicholas Romero, 20-5
160: Collin Munson (FV) pin Charlie Bailey
170: Trevor Cook (FV) dec. Jason King, 8-2
182: Christian Ohmer (FTF) pin Kris Boroughs
195: Cameron Wilfong (FTF) won by forfeit
220: Nick Rotenberry (FTF) pin Tanner Baldacci
285: Dylan Curtis (FTF) pin Tate Payne

Indians win Alleghany Duals

The St. Stephens wrestling team won the Alleghany Duals wrestling tournament on Saturday in Sparta.

Below are the results from the event:

St. Stephens 78, Grayson County (Va.) 6

106: Tyler Walling (SS) pin Jacob Hale
113: Blake Rogers (SS) won by forfeit
120: Dakota Griffith (SS) won by forfeit
126: Zack Berkey (SS) won by forfeit
132: David Velazquez (SS) won by forfeit
138: Chris Hunt (SS) pin Gavin Bailey
145: Caleb Rose (SS) pin Worth Carrico
152: Zach Fincannon (SS) pin Hunter Rector
160: Mitchell Pittman (SS) won by forfeit
170: Warren Boyett (SS) pin Micah Cowley
182: Darrell Moss (SS) pin Thomas Buchanan
195: Shyheim Huitt (SS) won by forfeit
220: Timothy Moore (G) pin Corey Cramer
285: Dillon Lominac (SS) pin Daniel Sanchez

St. Stephens 65, Avery County 8

106: Nolan Foster (SS) tech. fall Will Jordan, 16-0
113: Blake Rogers (SS) pin Alex Clark
120: Dakota Griffith (SS) pin Ben Clark
126: Pres.Childress (A) pin Justin Kidd
132: David Velazquez (SS) dec. Harley Rash, 6-3
138: Chris Hunt (SS) pin Brennan Clark
145: Zac Freeman (A) dec. Caleb Rose, 7-3
152: Zach Fincannon (SS) pin Josh Gragg
160: Tucker Justice (SS) pin Harley Foster
170: Warren Boyett (SS) pin Jonan Tenge
182: Darrell Moss (SS) pin Trevor Pinkins
195: Shyheim Huitt (SS) dec. Ryan Sheppard, 4-2
220: Corey Cramer (SS) pin Ranner Main
285: Dillon Lominac (SS) pin Blake Johnson

St. Stephens 60, Watauga 16

106: Nolan Foster (SS) pin Hunter Templeton
113: Blake Rogers (SS) dec. Mark Townsend, 7-2
120: Dakota Griffith (SS) won by forfeit
126: Gus Coffey (W) maj. dec. Zack Berkey, 14-6
132: Demitre Kostis (W) pin Justin Kidd
138: David Velazquez (SS) pin Kole Sherrill
145: Chris Hunt (SS) pin Eli Hawley
152: Zach Fincannon (SS) pin Gabriel Irwin
160: Jack Paige (Waut) pin Mitchell Pittman
170: Warren Boyett (SS) won by forfeit
182: Cody Yelton (SS) pin Jackson Carr
195: Shyheim Huitt (SS) dec. Jeremy Creetcher, 8-1
220: Corey Cramer (SS) pin Jackson Lawley
285: Dillon Lominac (SS) pin Stewart Beach

St. Stephens 57, East Chapel Hill 21

106: Nolan Foster (SS) won by forfeit
113: Blake Rogers (SS) pin Zachery Gordon
120: Dakota Griffith (SS) pin Emory Jenson
126: Zack Berkey (SS) pin Dominick Wick
132: Cole Jenson (ECH) dec. Justin Kidd, 2-1
138: David Velazquez (SS) dec. Justin Harris, 6-2
145: Chris Hunt (SS) pin Antonio Avendano
152: Zach Fincannon (SS) pin Mohammad Hedadi
160: Tyler Shull (ECH) pin Tucker Justice
170: Warren Boyett (SS) won by forfeit
182: Armand Berry (ECH) pin Cody Yelton
195: Masai White (ECH) pin Shyheim Huitt
220: Corey Cramer (SS) pin Frank Rosrigno
285: Dillon Lominac (SS) won by forfeit

St. Stephens 57, West Lincoln 24

106: Dale Morris (WL) pin Nolan Foster
113: Blake Rogers (SS) pin Harley Morrison
120: Dakota Griffith (SS) pin Nate Mault
126: Zack Berkey (SS) maj. dec. Dillion Morris, 12-3
132: David Velazquez (SS) tech. fall Ivan Mccormick, 17-1
138: Clay Algurire (WL) pin Chris Hunt
145: Nathan Moore (WL) pin Caleb Rose
152: Zach Fincannon (SS) pin Dustin Hedger
160: Mitchell Pittman (SS) pin Tommy Harkey
170: Warren Boyett (SS) pin Michael Mcswain
182: Cody Yelton (SS) pin Jordan Gantt
195: Mack George (WL) pin Shyheim Huitt
220: Corey Cramer (SS) pin Tyler Clinton
285: Dillon Lominac (SS) pin Bronson Pendleton

Record: St. Stephens 12-2