Will Locke wins Hickory mayoral primary, Wetmore expected to request recount

Will Locke
Staff Writer

Will Locke won the Hickory mayoral primary election with over 33 percent of the votes. Hank Guess finished second with 26.41 percent. Lou Wetmore finished less than 1 percent behind Guess, meaning he can request a recount. Locke is expected to face Guess in the Nov. General Election, depending on a possible recount.

Will Locke 1,298 33.18%
Hank Guess 1,033 26.41%
Lou Wetmore 1,006 25.72%
T. Hamilton Ward 575 14.70%

For Hickory's Ward 5, Zagaroli won with over 72 percent of the votes.

David P. Zagaroli 734 72.32%
Matthew Maulding 170 16.75%
Bobby Jay Baker 111 10.94%