Who said beer couldn’t be an art?

When it comes to beer, the Hickory Hops festival attracts a large crowd.

“This year, the Hickory Hops festival is expected to entertain 2,700 (people), that number came from ticket sales online, at Olde Hickory Tap Room and Amos Howards,” said Nikol Wuest, manager of Olde Hickory Tap room.

This year, brewers are traveling from as far as Georgia to showcase their top beer.

“I would say it has now doubled with brewers, as well as the interest of those who want to participate and sample the beers,” said Phil Bennett, a Hickory Hops volunteer.

This event, which is 1-7 p.m. Saturday, has become popular during the years because “people are trying (the beer) and actually like (it),” said Bobby Bush, of the Hickory Hops Festival. “The main thing in these craft beers is flavor, and that’s what keeps drawing in people to this type of beer.”

The type of beer featured at these festivals is craft brewery beer, which is not your average domestic beer.

Throughout the years, even volunteers noticed a change in the festival.

“We’re very curious each year that we come out. The breweries come out with different types of beers every year,” said Jean Bennett, a Hickory Hops volunteer. "They now have hints of chocolate, vanilla and lavender.”

From when the Bennetts first volunteered six years ago, there has been an increase of brewers at the event, as well as the new types of craft beers.

“(Craft beer) is a local product where a lot of the brewers are focusing on using local ingredients,” said Wuest. “Consumers like supporting their local businesses, as well. Brewers also have fantastic ratings of their different beer styles. This is not just typical beer that you could find at any grocery store. Here at Hickory Hops, it’s offered in different tastes and styles. People are really interested in exploring that.”

For more information, visit www.hickoryhops.com,

www.oldehickorytaproom.com and www.oldehickorybrewery.com .

Tickets are available at Olde Hickory Tap Room, Amos Howards and online.