Whisk and Barrel’s one year anniversary builds off of legacy

Kate Wimberly
Staff Writer

Since October 1st, 2018, Whisk and Barrel has graced downtown Newton with delicious deli-style and bakery items. Anne Wepner, owner of several buildings in the downtown area, spoke about the opportunities for her family to build something great together.

“I owned the building, and when the latest tenants’ lease was up, I thought it was a great opportunity for my family to work together. My daughter, Nell, is the Tea Baker, and my son-in-law John is our store manager.”

When asked about their unique name, Anne Wepner described that their name is not a concept completely lived up to yet, but they are looking to expand at some point in order to fulfill the initial vision entirely.

“We wanted to utilize the resources we already had in the kitchen design that was pre-existing, but add a little flair. Whisk comes from the baking side of our business. Barrel is the portion we are looking to expand in the future. The initial vision was of a modern general store concept. We are excited and open to future possibilities,” shared Anne Wepner, owner of Whisk and Barrel.

Anne Wepner also discussed the changes to the Newton Downtown cityscape. Her comments were positive in that since the renovations, they have seen more foot traffic, which has led to an increase in business.

Whisk and Barrel offers a cozy and refreshing seating area for private groups to meet or for those simply desiring to sit and enjoy a meal. They provide creative baked goods and delicacies, deli-style menu options such as refreshing takes on classics such as a chicken salad sandwich and quesadillas, as well as coffee, hot chocolate, and ice cream. Whisk and Barrel also have a catering menu offering options such as a taco bar, prime rib, chicken parmesan, regular dinner options, tea sandwiches, and hors d’oeuvres, provided to in-house events and off-site. They also offer vegan and dairy free options.

With the new year and booming business, Whisk and Barrel will be offering supper hours Monday through Saturday until 7pm. If you find yourself in Whisk and Barrel, this writer strongly encourages ordering the BLT sandwich or steak quesadilla with chips and a chocolate chip cookie. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy a good book, a conversation with friends, or a quiet night out with family, Whisk and Barrel is an excellent addition to our Newton community.

Whisk and Barrel is located in downtown Newton at 31 N. College Ave., Newton, NC. Visit their website at whiskandbarrel.com to view the menu or call (828) 994-4200 to place ad order in advance.