Weaver announces bid for Newton City Council

Newton City Council member Wes Weaver hopes Newton citizens have recognized his hard work and will express that in November by voting to keep him on the Newton City Council.

“Informed voters know I am working hard for them and I will continue to fight for them if I remain on council,” Weaver said.  “I am very pleased by the overwhelming support and momentum I have gotten leading up to this election. This just reaffirms my efforts and design to move our city forward and the motivation to continue that work. Seniors know that I understand that many of them are on a fixed income and just can’t absorb unnecessary increases or spending.  The wealthy and middle class know that I understand the dollar is not stretching as far as it used to and keeping property taxes and fees low is important. Equally as important is stability in property values to make Newton an affordable and prosperous community where people want to stay and raise a family. Young people know or should know that I understand they need entertainment and diverse employment opportunities to the effect that higher education doesn’t mean they have to move away to find qualifying employment” Weaver stated.

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