Four trailblazers in the Newton-Conover City Schools system were appropriately saluted for their service to the school system — with red blazers.

Recently Newton-Conover City Schools presented the first Red Blazer Awards to four individuals who have played an integral role to the success of the school system.

"The Newton-Conover City Schools district has been extremely fortunate over the years to have had numerous dedicated individuals whop have committed themselves to the success of the district," said Dr. David Stegall, NCCS assistant superintendent.

"These individuals have given their time, effort, finances and other resources, expecting nothing in return."

The first class of Red Blazer Award recipients included Adrian L. Shuford Jr., Phairlever Pearson, Pat Gibson and Sherrill Cranford. The awards wee presented during a dinner in Red Blazer recipients' honor at Crowne Plaze in Hickory. Each recipient received a plaque and a red blazer embroidered with the school district's logo.

Award recipients were selected by a nomination committee.

"The success of the district over the years is in no small part due to these dedicated champions of the cause," Stegall said. "We wanted our students to see the history of those who went before them and paved the way."