Town plans first sidewalk sale

The town of Catawba is planning its first town-wide sidewalk sale to help people get a jump-start on spring cleaning.

The inaugural event is set for May 21 in downtown Catawba from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Planning for the event started in December with the Catawba Small Town committee, which is part of the town's Main Street Program.

"The committee's main goal is to enhance and beautify the town," said Catawba Town Manager Brian Barnett. "That's what we're hoping to do."

The sidewalk sale offers people the chance to sell new or used items they no longer want, and sellers keep 100 percent of their profits.

"You hate to say junk or trash, but there's really no better way to say it," Barnett said.

A sidewalk sale space with a table costs $20; a space without a table costs $15. There is no limit on the number of spaces or tables someone can purchase.

The deadline to register and submit an application for a space is April 29. Applications for the sidewalk sale are available online, at Once completed, applications can be returned to Catawba Town Hall or emailed to Barnett at

Although crafts are allowed at the yard sale, the town is trying to avoid creating a "craft fair" atmosphere with the event. Barnett said he wants to maintain the event's yard and garage-sale feel.

Catawba's yard sale is one of many ongoing efforts to encourage involvement in town activities. Barnett worked to upgrade the town's website, as well as boost the town's presence of social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

Catawba's Facebook page contains announcements about upcoming meetings, pictures from around town and links to related sites.

Barnett upgraded the town's website,, about a month ago. The latest addition to Catawba's website includes a survey for site visitors about a branding slogan for the town.

Officials decided two months ago to create a town brand — a catchy slogan to describe what it means to live and work in Catawba. Because town residents know Catawba best, Barnett is allowing residents to vote on the brand they want.

Residents submitted slogans, and Barnett compiled "the best of the best" on the town's website.

"I would think we've had a pretty good response from citizens," Barnett said.

The survey lets voters pick three of their favorite branding slogans among a list of 13 choices, which include:

-Where the past meets the future
-Scenic, historic, progressive
-All aboard in Catawba
-The hidden gem of the Unifour
-The biggest little town around
-Where life is good
-A caring community
-Alive and growing
-Tomorrow's town today
-Where community matters
-We are Catawba
-Growing with pride
-Old town, new growth

"Catawba needs some type of branding or slogan," Barnett said, adding that he hopes to present the top vote-getting slogans to Town Council in the coming months.

He said he hopes council members will adopt an official slogan during the May Town Council meeting and then proceed with adopting a town mission statement and goals.

For more information about what's happening in Catawba, visit the town's website at or call Catawba Town Hall at (828) 241-2215.