Thieves steal beer, candy from Catawba store

Police are searching for multiple suspects who broke into a Catawba convenience store last week and took money, beer and candy from the store’s shelves.

Authorities and business owners said suspects broke the back glass door to Abby’s Restaurant and Convenience Store in Catawba early Thursday morning before unlawfully entering the building. Once the thieves were inside, they stole money from the cash register, two 40-ounce Natural Ice beers and a case of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Store supervisor Abby Sandchez said the suspects probably threw a rock through the back glass door, and then climbed through the broken glass to enter the building. Sandchez said the suspects cut themselves while climbing through the broken glass and left trails of blood throughout the store.

Sandchez said police checked the store for fingerprints and took an invoice from the store that had some of the suspects’ blood on it.

If anyone has any information on this incident, contact the Catawba County Sherriff’s Office at (828) 464-5241.