Thieves hit Newton vehicles

Police are reminding residents to lock their cars after thieves targeted nine different vehicles in Newton over the weekend.

The break-ins all occurred overnight Jan. 20 in the northern part of the city, and Newton Police believe the incidents are related.

No arrests have been made.

Three break-ins occurred at 415 W. 20th St. in Newton.

Break-ins also occurred at:
* 529 W. 15th St.
* 812 Westbrook Drive

* 822 Westbrook Drive

* 304 W. 18th Drive
* 220 W. 18th Drive
* 2034 N. Drum Ave.
* 415 W. 20th St.

The break-ins all occurred less than a mile from one another, and police say stolen items from one incident were found at another.

Newton Police Maj. Kevin Yarborough said citizens with information about the break-ins should contact the police department at 828-465-7430.

He said the incident is a reminder for citizens to lock their vehicles.

“The big thing is make sure your cars are locked and have proper lighting outside,” Yarborough said. “It would also be smart to not leave anything in your vehicles that is easily noticed. If you’ve got outside lights, leave them on. Leave your car alarms on and armed.”

If citizens know anything about the larcenies or see anything suspicious, they should call the police department, he said.

“Call the police department and let them know if there’s a prowler,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be around their house either. If they see something, they need to call. The citizens are our eyes and ears."