Teen run over by car

A Bunker Hill High School student suffered internal injuries Friday after being run over by a car.

Caleb Hedrick, 15, of Claremont, was riding on the hood of a Toyota Corolla with his cousin Dustin Shook, 16, of Claremont, when the driver stopped suddenly, causing Hedrick to fall off the car, according to witnesses.

The driver, David Norris, 18, of Claremont, picked up Hedrick and Shook from the bus stop near Cinderella Street in Claremont to drive the boys to their homes, located about 200 yards down an unpaved road.
Shook said Norris told the boys to ride on the car, and both boys rode on the car's hood, with their hands near the car's windshield wipers and their feet hanging by the car's front bumper, as they were driving down the road.

They rode that way for about 200 yards, until they reached Hedrick’s front yard.

"(Norris) sped up then hit the brakes," Shook said. "I watched (Hedrick) roll off ... I was wondering why (Norris) kept driving. I saw Caleb's face the whole time. He was screaming, 'Call 9-1-1.'"

Claremont Fire Department and Catawba County Emergency Services responded to the scene, and Hedrick was transported from Cinderella Street to Claremont Fire Department. Hedrick was then airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte from the fire department, said his grandmother Dot Hedrick, who lives behind the house on Cinderella Street where her grandson lives.

North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper L.M. Lusk said Norris faces charges in the incident, and charges won't be filed until troopers are notified of the extent of Hedrick's injuries.

NCSHP continues to investigate the incident.