A student's eye view of the DNC

This week I went to the Democratic National Convention in hopes of becoming more educated in politics beyond the stereotypical controversial issues that are advertised and debated every day by politicians and voters alike.

I achieved this, and so much more.

Obtaining community credentials for Thursday night’s convention event was no easy task. The third Saturday of August, my friend, Abbie LeQuire and I went to Charlotte to pick up the tickets, arriving in the morning. Expecting only a two hour wait we were not equipped with any kind of sun protection, lawn chairs, umbrellas, or food and drink. After the sixth hour our will power was starting to falter. What kept us going was the pure thought of seeing President Barack Obama, in person, giving a speech to the American public. When evening rolled around, 10 hours later, we had just left the building with tickets in hand, noses crispy from the sun and stomachs gnawing with hunger. It was worth it, we foolishly thought. You can imagine our sorrow when the unexpected news on the change in venue came, invalidating our community credentials.

Pushing aside disappointment from the sudden change in venue for Obama’s speech, I thoroughly enjoyed the last day of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.