St. Joseph’s Catholic Church to host Thanksgiving meal

Staff Writer

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Newton will host a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day from 11 a.m. Until 1 p.m.

Mary Reitzel, church member, says that everyone is welcome to attend.

“We offer a meal to anyone who wants to eat with others,” she said. “Its an open door.”

Along with those that are homeless, Reitzel says that elderly couples, people from low-income, or people who are just lonely often attend. But others, such as police, firemen, and rescue workers come out as well.

“It crosses all,” she said. “It’s a total community outreach.”

Reitzel, who’s been a church member since 1980, is looking forward to the event. She has helped for six years now.

Reitzel and a majority of the parishioners either donate food, volunteer, or both.

“Our parishioners will make the turkey, stuffing, and pies,” she said. “Then we buy the remaining food.”

The other foods that will be served are mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls, and cranberry sauce.

“We always have enough food,” Reitzel said.

Along with the traditional foods, pastries will be brought by the Latino parishioners.

“They added their cultural-type things to the dinner,” Reitzel said.

She said the church is going to offer them a turkey-cooking class on Saturday, November 23 to help those who want to volunteer.

“We have a lot of volunteers,” Reitzel said.

For that day, they will have around 10 parishioners bringing food to homes and delivering to those with Meals on Wheels.

The church, who alternates between serving a Christmas meal and Thanksgiving, served over 500 last year-- a record number.

“You don’t know how many you’ll have, but it always comes together really well,” Reitzel said.

She encourages people to make reservations, but it isn’t mandatory.

Some people like take out, while others like to sit and talk. Reitzel encourages everyone to come.

“It’s open to everyone-- it’s fellowship of other people on Thanksgiving Day,” she said. “Eating here is not because you can’t afford to make a turkey.”

Reitzel said that there are volunteers, including middle and high school students who just enjoy helping out.

“They want to be here,” she said. “Some people like giving back and helping out.”

Reitzel said it’s just a really good outreach.

“It’s a really nice Thanksgiving meal,” she said.