Protest location now uncertain

Leaders of a planned protest against Maiden pastor Charles Worley are scrambling to find a place to demonstrate just two days before thousands are expected to descend on Catawba County.

Organizers say 1,500 to 2,000 people will assemble Sunday morning to protest anti-gay remarks Worley made earlier this month. The pastor of Providence Road Baptist Church suggested locking up lesbians and gays with an electric fence until they die.

Worley’s comments have since gone viral on the Internet, and whole busloads are expected to travel to Maiden this Sunday to join the protest.

However, those demonstrators may find themselves with nowhere to go.

After originally planning to protest outside Worley’s church Sunday, organizers decided to move the demonstration due to the large crowds expected. Leaders turned their sites on the Catawba County Justice Center, but that option, too, now looks doubtful.