Post 240 slapped with double forfeit

From staff reports
Staff Writer

Having its best season in the program's history, Maiden Post 240 American Legion baseball team was dealt a double forfeiture thus potentially affecting its playoff seeding.

In an email to other legion baseball coaches and media, Salamanders head coach David Williams stated that his squad and Pineville Post 337 played two 5-inning games. Although scheduled to play two seven-inning contests, Williams said the start of the opening game was delayed by an hour or more because of weather.

"For the state to hand out a double forfeiture to our teams is just preposterous. The health and safety was a priority when making the decisions to play 5 innings that night. Neither of our programs are rule breakers here. We merely did what we could to get our games in, and now we are being punished for it," the Salamanders coach said in his email. "It’s wrong, and there is NO WAY the kids on Maiden Post 240 should be handed 2 forfeit losses because of the decisions their coach made. If you want to punish someone, punish me. I did the right thing. I wasn’t seeking any advantages when making those decisions, I just wanted to get our games in. My kids don’t deserve this. They’ve worked hard for 3-4 years to get where we are this year, and to throw this in their face when it has absolutely nothing to do with them, will be disheartening and callous." 

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