Outlook Locations

Location         Address   Newton 28658
Catawba County Library     115 W C St  
China Wok Buffet       415 W A St  
Honey's Rack       425 W A St  
Honey's         425 W A St  
Salon W         57 NW Blvd  
Zander's - Coffee House     207 N Main Ave  
Dana's Fine Jewelry     108 N Main Ave  
Phostell's Barber Shop     106 N Main Ave  
Newton Vision Center     110 E A St    
Epps Printing       211 N College Ave  
Green Room Theatre     60 W 6th St  
Joe's Barber Shop       1114 N Main Ave  
Newsome Tire Service     1205 N Main Ave  
Dianne's Dairy Center     1712 N Main Ave  
Little Pig's Bar B Q       1904 N Main
White Tire Center       2050 N Main Ave  
Sportsman Gun & Pawn     2022 N Main Ave  
China Express       1726 NW Blvd  
Catawba Valley Primary Care     2180 NW Blvd  
Fantastic Finds       2581 NW Blvd  
1st Nails         2725-A NW Blvd  
Curves         2575 NW Blvd  
Italy Grill         2725 NW Blvd  
Conover Hardee's       609 Conover Blvd Conover 28613
Smoker Friendly       508 10th St NW  
Rack @ Subway       508-M 10th St NW  
Conover Express       302 W 1st St  
Jennifer's Café       122 W 1st St  
Hair By Design   128 W 1st St  
Drum's Resturant       310 1st Ave S  
Uptown Resturant       116 1st Ave S  
Bowman Drugs       126 1st Ave S  
Lions Mane       215 1st Ave S  
Trends Studio       111 1st Ave S  
Alray Tire & Muffler       115 Conover Blvd  
Village Inn Pizza       508 10th St NW  
YMCA - Shuford Branch     1104 Conover Blvd  
Conover Veterinary Hospital     103 Thornburg Dr  
Abernathy Center       102 Leonard Ave  
D & R Automotive       2481 Buffalo
Shoals Rd Catawba
Nagano Japanese Resturant     1226 Conover Blvd W 28613
          Fairgrove Ch Rd 28613
Bennett's Bar-B-Q       1819 Fairgrove Ch Rd SE  
Unifour Urgent Care     1105 Fairgrove Ch Rd  
Medical Village Phar.     815 Fairgrove Ch Rd  
Cat. Valley Medical Center     810 Fairgrove Ch Rd SE  
            Hwy 70 28602
Hickory Motor Speedway     3130 Hwy 70 SE  
CVCC Child Developmant Center   2760 Hwy 70 SE  
Subway   in front of wal-mart 2535 Hwy 70 SE  
Exxon   in front of wal-mart 2455 Hwy 70 SE  
CVCC         2550 Hwy 70 SE  
Propst - Phillip 66       1836-1 Startown Rd  
Fast Lane       2410 Hwy 70 SE  
O'Charley's       2360 Hwy 70 SE  
        Catawba Valley Blvd 28602
Dot's Women Wear     2105 Catawba Valley Blvd  
Dashing Diva       2103 Catawba Valley Blvd  
Tony's Pizza       1832 Catawba
Valley Blvd SE
Thia Orachard       1822 Catawba
Valley Blvd SE
            Hwy 70 28602
Bottom Dollar       1846 Hwy 70 SE  
            L R Blvd 28602
Charter Communications     1121 L R Blvd  
Texas Road House     1020 LR Blvd  
Xquisite         1081 13th St SE  
Natural Touch School Of Massage   1722 Tate Blvd SE  
Hickory Family Pharmacy     1501 Tate Blvd SE Suite 102
            Hwy 70 28602
Sub Station II       422 Hwy 70 SW  
Charolais Steakhouse     766 4th St SW  
Chamber Of Commerce     1055 Southgate
Corp. Park SW
The Park Inn       909 Hwy 70 SW  
Max's Mexican Eatery     802 Hwy 70 SE  
            Mt. View 28602
Wilco         3131 S NC 127 Hwy  
Vision Of You       3149 S NC 127 Hwy  
Subway         3149 S NC 127 Hwy  
Mt. View Home and Garden     3235 S NC 127 Hwy  
Mt. View Bar-B-Q       3293 S NC 127 Hwy  
Mt View Animal Hospital     3346 S NC 127 Hwy  
Subbys in Mt. View       3316 S NC 127 Hwy  
Food Lion       3206 S NC 127 Hwy  
Food Lion Rack       3206 S NC 127 Hwy  
Akito Japanese       3068 S NC 127 Hwy  
Catawba County Library     2944 S NC 127 Hwy  
Community Video - Mt View     3874 S NC 127 Hwy  
West Hickory Senior Citizens Center   400 17th St SW Downtown Hickory
            321 28601
Food Lion #638       2730 2nd Ave NW  
Subway         191 Hwy 321 NW  
Hams         204 Hwy 321 NW  
Lowe's Food Store Rack     1340 Hwy 321 NW  
Jack B Quick (Pure)     1120 Old Lenoir Rd  
Mel's Superette (Silvco)     1016 Old Lenoir Rd  
Spa Athletic Club       920 2nd Ave NW  
          Downtown Hickory 28601
Snack Bar Rack       1346 1st Ave SW  
Post Office BBQ       25 4th St NW  
Greater Hickory Christian Ministry   31 1st Ave SE  
Women's Resource Center     125 3rd St NE  
Dad's Place Rack       10 1st Ave NW  
Hickory Community Theater     30 3rd St NW  
Apparel Technology     246-F Trade Alley Hickory  
Taste Full Of Beans Rack     29 2nd Ave NW  
Taste Full Of Beans     29 2nd Ave NW  
Hong Kong Café       100 N Main Ave  
Old Hickory Tap Room     222 Union Square NW  
Smith Drug       242 Union Square NW  
Groucho's       248 Union Square NW  
Outdoor Supply Company     248 Union Square  
Larry's Musical Madness     266 Union Square  
Medical Center Pharmacy     124 N Center St  
Frye Regional Medical Center   420 N Center St  
            Viewmont 28601
Patrick Beaver Library     375 3rd St NE  
Science Center       243 3rd Ave NE  
Hickory Museue of Art (Side
  243 3rd Ave NE  
YMCA         701 1st St NW  
Kingston House       904 2nd St NE  
Viewmont Eye Associates     336 10th Ave NE  
Adrienne's Boutique     1001 2nd St NE  
Pleasers         1025 2nd St NE  
The Little Gym       1024 2nd St NE  
Unifour Medical Research     1036 2nd St NE  
Servco         1130 N Center St  
Carolina Bagel       1131 2nd St NE  
El Chapalo       1205 2nd St NE  
Frankie's Pizza       1383 N Center St  
Backstreet Bar & Grill     246 14th Ave NE  
Copperbean Coffee     1525 2nd St NE  
El Tapatio       1709 N Center St  
Jesse's Dinner       2145 N Center St  
Subway         1922 16th St NE  
Benjamina / Libbas     2221 N Center St  
Village Kitchen       2220 N Center St  
Nara Japenese       2321 N Center St  
Jewelry Exchange       2611 N Center St  
Food Lion       2625 N Center St  
Hickory Smoke House Bar-B-Q   2450 N Center St  
Jagged Edge       2444 N Center St  
Health Hut       2432 N Center St  
Hen & Chicken Papers     2426 N Center St  
Gail's Hops & Grapes     2420 N Center St  
The Villas at Northview     415 26th Ave NE  
BP         2853 N Center St  
Harris Teeters Rack     3010 N Center St  
Shell at Café Gouda     2910 N Center St  
Café Gouda       2960 N Center St  
Generations Family Med     212 29th Ave NE  
Alterra Sterling House     910 29th Ave NE  
Lowe's Food Rack       1405 29th Ave NE  
Golden China       1409 29th Ave NE  
Fantasic Sam's       1411 29th Ave NE  
Smoker Friendly       1417 29th Ave Dr NE  
Spring Arbor       2010 29th Ave Dr NE  
Hickory Manor       2530 16th St NE  
          Springs Rd 28601
Citgo - Propst       3890 Section House Rd  
Killian's Hardware       3790 Springs Rd  
Alice's Antiques       3109 Sulpher
Springs Rd NE
St. Stephens Library     3225 Springs Rd  
Food Lion       3220 Springs Rd  
Shell's Bar-B-Q       2609 Springs Rd  
Galaxy         2515 Springs Rd  
Village Inn       2467 Springs Rd NE  
Al Crouse & Associates     2361 Springs Rd  
Hair Studio       2342 Springs Rd  
Pancho Villa       1265 16th St NE  
H & W Drug       12 E 1st St  
Newton Exxon / Cubbard Express   1969 NW Blvd  
Bi-Lo         2575 NW Blvd  
Prue         105 W 1st St W  
Citgo         119 W 1st St  
Conover Food Lion       104 Thornburg Dr  
Market Basket       1101 N Main Ave  
Callahan's Café       11 N College Ave  
Perfect Imange Hair Salon     23 N College Ave  
Geppeto's Pizza       114 N College Ave  
Charlie's Gym       208 N College Ave  
Corner Foods       112 E D St    
Food Lion       1390 S NC 16 Hwy  
Mt Olive Texaco       2062 NC 10 E  
Country Market       3161 E NC 10 Hwy  
Ball's Creek Bait & Tackle     3152 S NC 16 Hwy  
Buffalo Shoals IGA       2887 Buffalo Shoals Rd  
Drum's Resturant       2852 Buffalo Shoals Rd  
Food Lion       201 Island Ford Rd  
Citgo - Truck Stop       5724 Startown Rd  
Food Lion - Startown     2380 NC Hwy 10  
Dipperz Ice Cream & Grill     1112 E Main St  
Special Technquies     3562 S US 321  
Ja - Jo Hair Design       3544 S US 321 Hwy  
Propst - At May Chapel Rd     1180 Mays Chapel Rd  
Scottie's Bar B Q       102 S Main Ave  
Upscale Pet Grooming     18 S Main Ave  
Shell         604 E Main St  
Platinum Styles       505 Island Ford Rd  
Subway         507 Island Ford Rd  
Papa Pizza To Go       201 Island Ford Rd  
Charlie's Chicken       5 Island Ford Rd