The O-N-E releases Fact Book 2012

The Observer News Enterprise published the newest edition of Catawba County Fact Book, a 2012 resource guide for citizens throughout the Greater Hickory Metro. The special edition is inside all copies of The O-N-E and Outlook which are distributed today.

"This unique 64-page publication is filled with facts and historical information about Catawba County and its municipalities, as well as contact information for government, recreational and business operations throughout the county," said The O-N-E Publisher Michael Willard. "We know this book will be a great tool for citizens throughout 2012 when they are trying to contact leaders, navigate the legal system or get the power turned on."

The O-N-E published its first Fact Book in 2011. The now-annual publication is also filled with businesses that are the foundation of Catawba County โ€” the businesses that employ citizens, contribute important tax revenue and strengthen the economy.

Catawba County Fact Book 2012 is free to all subscribers of The O-N-E and Outlook, Willard said. The books will be included today in every edition of The O-N-E and Outlook.

Additional copies of the book will also be available at government buildings, visitor information centers, hospitals and businesses. Area residents can look for Fact Book 2012 in waiting rooms and other popular places throughout the county.

"Of course, just like our county and its communities, our Fact Book is a work in progress," Willard said. "If there's any important information that needs to be added to our publication, let us know and we'll be sure to get it included in Fact Book 2013."

Fact Book 2012 includes new features โ€” such as a guide to community service organizations and a Catawba County map โ€” that weren't included in Fact Book 2011, said The O-N-E Editor Matthew Tessnear.

"Fact Book 2012 provides useful information for all facets of life in the Greater Hickory Metro," Tessnear said. "The publication is a handy reference guide for longtime residents of Catawba County, and it provides a comprehensive community introduction for newcomers to the area."

Willard invites readers to submit ideas for future inclusion in The O-N-E's Fact Book by e-mailing

"We hope the community will enjoy this important resource guide for our county," Willard said. "I know it will be a great reference tool for citizens throughout 2012."