The O-N-E Morning Read: Friday, Jan. 6

Some of the final loose ends in the Zahra Baker saga are finally getting tied up.

Adam Baker is hoping to return to Australia with the remains of the 10-year-old murdered and dismembered Cancer survivor, but before that happens, he is faces 30 days in jail.

Adam quickly resolved felony charges in Catawba County on Thursday, but things weren’t so smooth in Caldwell. Details on his latest court trials are in the Friday edition of The O-N-E.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte, the woman convicted of killing Zahra is facing additional jail time: 20 years for admitting her guilt in distributing more than 50,000 pills over a four-year period. More details on her plea deal in Friday’s edition of The O-N-E.

The Zahra Baker saga is big, but it isn’t the only news in Catawba County.

The county’s murder rate neared a 10-year high in 2011.

The quick actions of a man and his son helped save a Maiden home from fire.

And a Mill Creek Middle School student delivered “controversy” to collect the county;s spelling bee championship.

Details on these stories and more in Friday’s O-N-E.

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