The O-N-E launches podcast

As it continues to deliver Catawba County community news to citizens, The Observer News Enterprise has entered an exciting new partnership that offers "what you want, when you want and where you want."

This week, Catawba County's community newspaper since 1879 officially launched O-N-E Shot, an online podcast that offers a snapshot of news delivered by The O-N-E each week. The twice weekly audio broadcasts are hosted by The MESH, and they are available for computer download, or listeners can subscribe to have the program delivered via iTunes.

The MESH is a new media online network that produces and delivers unique content to computers, mobile phones, iPods, iPads and any other device connected to the Internet. The MESH was started by Hickory-based firm Jackson Group Interactive, and it already offers 20 different podcasts focusing on everything from parenting tips and children's story times to gossip, University of North Carolina sports and travel insight.

Beginning Tuesday, O-N-E Shot joined that line-up of programs available online at

"We are excited to partner with Jackson Group Interactive and The MESH to deliver Catawba County's community news and sports information in a way that is quicker and more convenient than ever before," said The O-N-E Publisher Michael Willard. "Today's world is increasingly filled with demands on people's time, and often, work, family and play take precedent over staying informed about the important news happening in the community. We created O-N-E Shot to deliver a quick sampling of the top news in a manner that people can enjoy whenever it is convenient for them."

With a broad sampling of news, The O-N-E hopes the podcasts keep people up-to-date about the basics of news happening in the community, Willard said.

"And then, if you hear a story brief that you'd like to know more about, the complete information will be available in The O-N-E's print or online editions — or both," he said. "O-N-E Shot won't provide all the news from The O-N-E every week, but hopefully it will be a broad enough sampling to inform people and spur their interest in other news stories that we publish."

Willard said "connected" citizens can access O-N-E Shot at any time and in any place where they would access the Internet with their computer or mobile device.

A new O-N-E Shot podcast will be uploaded every Tuesday and Friday, usually by mid-morning.

"Tuesday's O-N-E Shot will offer information about news and sports that happened during the previous weekend, as well as a glance at the news stories planned for the week ahead," Willard said. "Then, on Friday's O-N-E Shot, we'll look back at the news of the preceding week and offer details about community events slated for the weekend ahead."

O-N-E Shot can be easily accessed through The O-N-E's website, Click on the page curl in the top right corner. O-N-E Shot can also be directly accessed by visiting The MESH site,

"We hope you'll subscribe to O-N-E Shot and have our twice weekly broadcasts sent to your computer or mobile device," Willard said, "and while you are visiting The MESH, be sure to check out the other great programs available for download."