New coaches, same direction

A lot of changes happened at Bunker Hill before the start of the 2009 season, and the lead up to the 2010 season was not much different. The changes this year, however, involved people instead of new and improved athletic facilities.

Bunker Hill hired Travis Conner in April as its new head football coach, and it added six new assistant coaches in the months leading up to Monday's first official practice of the 2010 season. The only hold over from last year's coaching staff is defensive coordinator John Mackey, who coached linebackers in 2009 under Ron Turner. Mackey and Conner teamed up to lead workouts throughout summer as the school hired the rest of the assistants to fill out the coaching staff. One night, Mackey and Conner were the only people available to lead 92 players through workouts.

"You find innovative ways to coach when there is just two of you and that many kids," Conner said. "Everybody has come together and jelled. They are all football coaches."

The new leader of the Bears' cave wants the new names and faces to keep the program moving in the right direction after last season.

"I think some of that excitement along with the new coaching staff has got the numbers way up," he said. "Our numbers are big, so I think the excitement is there. I think it's a matter of getting these kids some early confidence in games."

The rotation of leaders is not new to senior receiver Davontaye Wilson.

"I've been through I don't know how many coaches," he said. "It's good
to have coach Conner here and all the other coaches around. I feel good about this year. I think our goal should be the conference championship and go from there."