More battery thefts at CVCC

Officials think a string of car-battery thefts at a college are related.
Three batteries were reported stolen Aug. 17 from cars parked in the Catawba Valley Community College parking lot.
Two similar car battery larcenies from CVCC’s parking lot were previously reported stolen Aug. 17.
“We do feel like it’s probably the same people, but we’re not sure where the batteries are being taken to,” said Catawba County Chief Deputy Coy Reid.
Like the two previous larcenies, the thefts occur in the middle of the day, between the hours of noon and 6 p.m.
The thieves break into victims’ cars and steal their car batteries.
“We don’t have any suspects, but we are conducting interviews to find out who it is,” Reid said.
The batteries range in value from $50 to $85.
Capt. Roy Brown of the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office previously told The O-N-E thieves can sell batteries’ lead cores, but thieves usually take batteries for their own vehicles.
Until law enforcement officials find the thieves, CVCC officials are urging students to keep their cars locked.
“We’ve pumped up our awareness,” said Mary Miller, CVCC community relations director.
The school posted messages about break-ins on its closed-circuit TV, and encouraged students with any information about the thefts to contact authorities.