McMurray wins Showdown; Stenhouse, Patrick in

Jamie McMurray led every lap of the Sprint Showdown on Saturday at Charlotte Motor Speedway, winning the event on Saturday to qualify for the Sprint All-Star Race.

"Obviously, being out front is massive," McMurray said. "Starting in the back is going to be completely different. I haven't run behind a car yet ... It's going to be really hard to pass cars. I think there will be a lot of strategy in the pits … These cars have so much grip that it is going to be hard to pass the guy out front."

Rookie Ricky Stenhouse finished second in the event to earn his spot in the All-Star Race, as well.

"We wanted to win that thing," Stenhouse said of the Showdown. "I thought we had a car yesterday that was going to be capable of running up front for the lead. We'll take second and give ourselves an opportunity to keep working on it and see if we can't figure out some things for next week. The more laps, the better for me in a Cup car. We're excited about it."

Fellow rookie Danica Patrick won the fan vote to take the third and final transfer spot in the All-Star Race.

"I'm very fortunate to have the fan base that I do," Patrick said. "I never forget that. Thanks to the Sprint Fan vote ... It's a big honor. This is for the fans."