Man steals car after domestic dispute

A man stole his ex-girlfriend’s car Friday after he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Authorities say Sean Donald Sweeney, 42, of Hickory, arrived at Carillon Assisted Living in Newton on Friday morning in hopes of borrowing a car belonging to ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Rocket, who works at the facility.

After Rocket told her ex-boyfriend he couldn't use the car, Sweeney threw a brick through the window, got in and drove the 1993 Mercury Sable to the 1300 block of 2nd Ave. NW in Hickory, according to Newton Police Capt. Kevin Yarborough.

Hickory police located the car after Rocket told a Newton Police Officer she suspected the vehicle was at the Hickory location..  

Warrants were taken out for Sweeney, and he is charged with breaking and entering automobile and larceny of an automobile. He has not been located by authorities.      

Yarborough said the domestic element of the breaking and entering and larceny does not change the way charges are filed.

“While the relationship is a domestic-related thing, it is no different if someone else walking up to the car and taking it,” he said.