Maiden men on council quests

Seven candidates hope to secure a seat on the Maiden Town Council in this year's election.

Only three men will be successful in that quest.

Incumbents David Boldon, Max Bumgarner Jr. and Howard Ervin are running for re-election.

They are joined by challengers George McClellan, who served four years ago on the council; Mike Moore, who served on the council from 2007-2009; William (Bill) Cashion, who is running for the first time; and Wayne McKinney.

Only Boldon, Bumgarner and Moore responded to an election survey from The O-N-E. Read more about those candidates on page 2.

Early voting continues at Newton Main Library and Highland Recreation Center in Hickory from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and Friday. Early voting concludes from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. On Nov. 8, polls are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Mike Moore
What is your line of work?
Retired law enforcement, owner of Moore Investigations and licensed private investigator.
Why are you running for this office for the next term?
I have 42 years in public service, with 36 in law enforcement, four years as councilman for the city Of Newton and two years as councilman in the town of Maiden.
With this experience in public service, I feel as I am the most experienced in the field.
I also feel my past two years on Maiden’s council have been the most productive to the town in years.
Why should you win?
If voters want cost-wise thought and not personal gain on town council, I feel I am also their best choice. I have the personal knowledge in how to "get it done."
I own nor owe nothing in town and owe nothing in Catawba County or the state of North Carolina, with the exception of my residence in Maiden.
I owe nothing to anyone as a payback or favor. Anyone that really knows me knows I am my own man.
I want what's fair and right for all, not by what your last name is or your economic standing in the community.

Max Bumgarner Jr.
What is your line of work?
Vice president and general manager for Freightmaster Inc. in Hiddenite.

Why are you running for this office for the next term?
The primary reason I am running for office another term is to try and improve the services provided by the town without having to raise taxes. As councilperson, it would be my obligation to be cost-effective by overseeing that all tax dollars are spent wisely and bring forth fresh ideas and diversified planning.
Why should you win?
First and foremost, I am genuinely committed to my hometown being that I have lived here throughout my life.
I have also been fortunate to have served the citizens of Maiden for the past seven years as their councilperson. This knowledge along with my experience allows me an even broader outlook of our town's future. I am proud to be instrumental in our town's positive job growth — which was one of the few in the state — and provide our citizens a lower tax rate without reduced services.

David Boldon
What is your line of work?
Licensed general contractor, president of David Boldon Incorporated.

Why are you running for office for the next term?
I am running for re-election to Maiden Town Council because I am proud to call Maiden my home and there are lots of things that I would like to see accomplished in my next term, such as building a new town hall and expanding the recreation department to include more baseball, soccer, football and softball fields for youth. Completing our agreement with DOT to repave Main Street after the Main Street waterline project.
And, as always, keeping our town in excellent financial shape without cutting city services.

Why should you win?
When I'm re-elected I will bring the experience necessary to continue to bring industry and job growth to Maiden along with the experience to make the right choices at budget time to keep the town in excellent financial shape without overburdening our citizens in the middle of a recession.