Maiden letter writer seeks football answers

Editor's note: The following letter to Catawba County Schools Superintendent Glenn Barger was shared with The Observer News Enterprise.


As a resident of Maiden and a taxpayer in Catawba County, I along with most of the Maiden High School district want to know what is going on with our football coach, and it is OUR coach since this is our community.

We feel that Catawba County Schools has turned this whole thing with Buddy King and the interim coach into a three-ring circus. I like Frank Snider, but I and most parents in Maiden want to know why Frank over Tom Brown — since Catawba County Schools did change the rule that retired teachers can come back and coach. Most everyone in town knows that Tom did talk to you and the school about coming back and coaching football, as Tom is CLEARLY the most qualified candidate for the job. Why was he not offered the job of head football coach at Maiden High School? As a former player under Tom, I can attest to his ability and motivational skills as not only a coach but as a teacher. Catawba County has been very lucky to have had Tom, and it is a shame that the school board has basically said we want anybody but Tom to coach Maiden. It is as if the board wants Maiden athletics to be run into the ground for the success that we have had in the past against the rest of the district.

Glenn, I have had what I considered excellent results when bringing my concerns to you when you were on the county commission, and I, along with the community, expect we will with this as well, as you, I, the community, and the Board of Education know for a fact that the correct thing to do would have been for Tom to be named the interim head coach at Maiden.

Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss this further as most of the parents in the community, along with the kids at Maiden High School are very upset with Catawba County Schools.

Thank you for giving this the attention that it deserves.

David M Boldon