Lutheran high school expands

The University Christian High School Barracudas had their first pep rally Thursday to prepare for an upcoming girl’s volleyball game.
And while the Lady Barracudas played Thursday night, UCHS officials met with parents to discuss plans for the school’s new facility.

“This is for kids who are really, really motivated and fairly mature,” said UCHS Principal Jerry Willard. “This is fulfilling the mission of education in Catawba County.”

UCHS is currently located on the campus of Concordia Christian Day School, but through a partnership with Lenoir-Rhyne University, the Lutheran high school will soon have a new home on the university’s campus.

The 300,000-square foot, $2.5-million facility will have classrooms, a science lab, a multipurpose room for students, offices for staff members and parking in the rear of the building.

“We’re going to go along with the Lenoir-Rhyne architecture to blend into the campus,” said former UCHS principal Bill Unverfehrt, who served as principal for the school’s 2009 inaugural class. “This is only possible because of an agreement with (Lenoir-Rhyne).”

Officials hope to move into the new facility by fall 2011.

Like the facility, students too will meld into all LRU has to offer.
UCHS students can take advantage of the university’s athletic facilities, library, cultural events and professors.

Upperclassmen at UCHS will take classes at LRU to prepare them for continued academic success.

“We want to give each student the greatest possibility of getting into the university of their choice, whether it’s UNC or Duke or somewhere else,” Unverfehrt said.

Catawba County has several Lutheran schools for children from kindergarten through eighth grade.

But spiritual development, growth and education shouldn’t stop at age 13, Unverfehrt said, which is why UCHS is a needed school in Catawba County.

“High school students benefit from having the impact of religion all day, every day as part of their life,” he said. “That group of students grows into a family, and they lift each other up.”