Juvenile driver strikes man

A Tennessee man was taken to the hospital Tuesday after an unlicensed juvenile driver struck him in a Kmart parking lot in Conover.

Authorities and witnesses said a juvenile driver was exiting the Kmart parking lot off U.S. 70 in Conover at about 2:45 p.m. Tuesday when his

Kia Soul struck a 60-year-old man walking along the pedestrian crossing adjacent to the store’s entrance.

Conover Police Sgt. B. Lowdermilk said the white male victim was taken to Frye Regional Medical Center in Hickory and was “talking and alert.”

The juvenile driver was the only occupant in the car.

The collision left a small circular dent above the right front fender of the car. Conover Police marked the asphalt with orange spray paint, where the victim was hit and the car came to a halt.

The juvenile’s mother, who arrived moments after the collision, said she lets her son drive to the store occasionally when she can’t physically do so. She said her family lives in close proximity to the Kmart, adding that she did not want to release her or her son’s name.

Lowdermilk said the victim was from Tennessee, but staying in an area campground nearby.

The juvenile’s mother was given a citation for allowing a minor under 18 without a current driver’s license to drive, said Conover Police officer J.D. Miller. Miller added that because the driver was a juvenile, no further charges could be given at the scene.

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