Indians brush paths with Crest in scrimmage

As high school football scrimmages continue in the area, St. Stephens welcomed Crest High School on the football field Wednesday.

The Indians and Trojans participated in a few drills, including 7-on-7 offensive and defensive drills, inside drills, 1-on-1 drills with wide receivers and defensive backs, a team session and a 20-minute varsity game situation.

“This is a great situation for us because it is a practice and a scrimmage,” said Indians’ coach Fred Whalen. “You can tell we are doing more practice scenarios in our 7-on-7 and 1-on-1 drills. It’s kind of nice after you knock heads with your own teammates for a week to bring in another team.”

The Indians focused on individual drills due to their first game scrimmage being at Friday’s FCA Jamboree in Newton.

“We will get plenty of team practice on Friday,” Whalen said. “I kind of like getting this in, working a little tougher in practice and then getting our team workout on Friday.”

A huge benefit to Wednesday’s drills, Whalen said, is the ability to play multiple players from his team.

“We are subbing a ton today,” Whalen said. “The thing about these kind of situations is everybody gets tons of repititions. It’s not one of those situations where it is starters mainly. It gives the guys an opportunity to hopefully get some personal time later on by showing what they have out here. It helps a lot to be able to make sure they are doing the right things, lining up right and being on the field. It’d be nice if you could do that in real games.”