'I remember when' - Memories of campmeeting

* “I remember when they put 55 gallon cans on each of corner of the campground to burn wood in.”

— John Carl Ervin, of Conover

 * “I remember when the ice man sold blocks of ice because no one had a refrigerator.”

— Janet Jones, Sherrills Ford

* “One of my happiest memories is when I bought my own tent. I also remember my mother telling she came to campmeeting in a covered wagon.”

— Wendell Gabril, of Sherrills Ford

* “I remember when they were getting ready to pour a floor in my tent. The Bandys HIgh School football team would come between practices and jump up and down to pack the dirt down so they could pour concrete.” “Growing up at campmeeting, I stayed the full two weeks and didn't go home until it was over.”

— Doris Hilton, of Newton

 * “I remember my mama Lilly telling me she came to campmeeting in a covered wagon with chickens in coops.The chickens were killed there and fried to eat on Sunday.” “I remember going to the spring to carry water back to the tent. One day a Hildebran boy fell in and had to be pulled out..” “Stoves and wood were in a hut behind the tent, and I had to get wood for the stove and wheat straw for our beds. One year, someone stole all the wood stoves and sold them for scrap metal.”

— Jimmy Gantt, of Sherrills Ford

*“I remember Sherry Black slipping up behind me and throwing a five gallon bucket of water all over me. I got her back before campmeeting was over.” “Water guns are banned from there and silly string was banned. No hogs or any animal are allowed during campmeeting. No alcohol allowed on the grounds."

— Gerald Abernathy, of Maiden

*“I remember watching Virginia Lowrance play piano and sing with the children. She always wore big, colorful hats.”

— Sherry Miller, of Hickory