Hornets hold Vikings to 28 yards of offense in shutout

The Catawba County Hornets continued their defensive dominance on the gridiron Saturday against the Upstate Vikings.

The Hornets held the Vikings to 28 yards of total offense in a 28-0 victory at Westside/Jaycee Park.

“All I can say is we have the number one defense,” said Hornets defender Treon Harris. “Our defensive line stepped up and played a great game. Our cornerbacks really didn’t have to do anything. It was a great game for our defensive linemen. We stepped up and went 100 miles per hour like always. We play to the final horn.”

It was the second-straight shutout by the Hornets, who have allowed just 24 total points (4.8 points per contest) in five regular season games in 2013.

Upstate tallied 19 carries on the ground for minus-six yards.

“When it comes our front seven — the defensive line and linebacking corps — we have the most speed across the board,” said Hornets cornerback Greg Covington, who recorded an interception in the victory. “When you put pressure on us, it is going to burst pipes. They did that all night. My interception I credit with the defensive line and linebacking corps. We didn’t have to do anything as a secondary. We just laid back and chilled. The front seven is really animalistic. With the speed we’ve got, no one can block us.”

Catawba County quarterback Brandon Streater had a standout offensive performance in Saturday’s game.

Streater, who was injured in the first contest between the Hornets and Vikings, completed 8-of-15 passes for 181 yards and two touchdowns.

He also had six carries on the ground in the contest for 78 yards.

“I put a hurting on them since they put a hurting on me last game,” Streater said. “We started out a little bit slow, but we did our thing. I think I did good and better than what I did last time. We score more points than we did last time.”

On the other end of the field, Vikings quarterback Ronnie Boyd struggled.
Boyd completed 4-of-12 passes for 34 yards and rushed seven times for minus-10 yards.

“He was running around like a deer in the headlights,” Harris said of Boyd. “His eyes showed he was really scared. Every time we were in the backfield, they couldn’t do anything to stop us or block us. That just shows you the power of the Hornets.”

The Hornets are off this week for Labor Day before starting a two-game road trip on Sept. 7 against the Carolina Colts.

Both teams are currently ranked in the top 15 in a number of semi-pro football rankings.

“We’ve tweaked a couple of things,” Covington said. ““We’re gradually hitting our stride.”