Helping Hands appreciates support during office move

Helping Hands Ministries has always appreciated the community’s support.
Once again, many in our community have come together to help with the relocation of the office to 603 University Drive. This transition would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Knights of Columbus, an adult study group from First Baptist Church here in Starkville, and Ferguson Contracting.
The board members of Helping Hands would also like to thank the following businesses for helping meet the needs associated with opening the new office: Sullivan Office Supply, Cowboy Maloney Electric City, Flexsteel, Copy Cow, Flowers by the Bunch, Eat With Us, Hardee’s, Abner’s, and Coca Cola. Helping Hands operates with a very limited budget; we are very grateful for this outpouring of generosity.
One of our goals is to garner more community involvement. Hard times have put a lot people in need that normally wouldn’t be. Helping Hands continues to solicit the support of individuals and groups in our community as we try to meet the increasing need.
Anyone who is interested in becoming a supporting member or making a one-time donation can get more information by calling the Helping Hands office at 323-1173.

Kaile Minor
Helping Hands counselor