Grant alarms Conover

A new grant is helping Conover “get alarmed.”

Conover received a “Get Alarmed NC Grant” recently that will provide the city with 500 smoke alarms, 300 carbon monoxide detectors and $1,500 to purchase installation equipment.

The alarms and detectors will be installed free for area citizens who lack the equipment or need upgrades, city and fire officials said.

Conover Fire Chief Mark Hinson said the department will target homes with children younger than age 5 and adults older than age 64, in addition to non-English-speaking homes.

“When you think about the cost of all the detectors and alarms, it is well over a $25,000 grant to enhance safety and fire education in the future,” Hinson said.

In the past year, Conover has installed about 300 smoke alarms in city homes, said T.J. Patton, Conover’s fire inspector and public educator.

Now, Patton said the grant will allow the department to help many more residents.

“We don’t want anyone in Conover to not have a smoke alarm in their home,” Patton said.

Anyone who is in need of a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector should contact the Conover Fire Department at 828-464-1295.

Conover gets about one call per week for someone requesting a new or updated detector, Patton said.

“Any time we respond to a structure for an alarm or medical call or a fire, we always check the home,” Patton said. “If we find that the home doesn’t have one, we go ahead and install one at that call.”

Most area fire departments have smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector programs. Newton and Hickory fire departments also provide alarm programs for citizens. Call 828-695-4314 in Newton and 828-323-7420 in Hickory.