Gaither wins DA

Incumbent Jay Gaither will continue serving Catawba County residents as District Attorney for the 25th Judicial District.
Gaither nabbed 60.68 percent of the almost 75,000 votes cast in Catawba, Caldwell and Burke counties as of press time Tuesday. Democrat challenger Jason Parker received 33.29 percent of votes, and Libertarian T.J. Rohr received 6 percent.
"(The victory) feels like a victory for the District Attorney's Office," Gaither said. "Being elected by this district is very gratifying."
Parker declined to comment about Tuesday's election results.
Gaither's win in District 25 was echoed in Catawba County, with Gaither receiving about 61 percent of the 40,772 votes cast by county voters.
For those citizens who didn't vote for Gaither, he said he will continue working hard to serve everyone in the district.
"I will return to work with a renewed spirit and tackle some of the issues facing the district," he said.
Gaither cited strong Republican support and county leaders as one of the reasons for his campaign's success.
Although Libertarian Rohr's campaign for District Attorney was unsuccesful, he hasn't ruled out seeking elected office in the future.
Rohr said personal issues prevented him from campaigning as hard as he wanted during the District Attorney race. He also said his political party was another reason he didn't receive as many votes as he wanted.
"Obviously I got in the race to win, and I'm disappointed I didn't," Rohr said. "I'm pleased the people considered me."
Rohr currently serves on Lenoir City Council.
Rohr said he wishes Gaither the best as he continues to serve residents as District Attorney.