Election filing to start Friday

Filing for 2011 municipal elections will start Friday for most cities and towns in Catawba County.

Those wishing to file for election or re-election can visit the Board of Elections office in the Catawba County Government Complex from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Board of Elections Director Larry Brewer said potential candidates can also file for election through the mail, but said “most people come by the office because there are other forms to fill out, also.”

Filing is July 1-15 for all cities and towns in Catawba County, except Hickory and Longview. Hickory and Longview’s filing starts July 25 and ends Aug. 12.

“Longview and Hickory’s filing starts later because it gives them a little more time to finish their redistricting,” Brewer said.

Filing for the 2011 school board elections is also fast approaching, as potential candidates can officially declare from Aug. 19 to Sept. 9.

The filing fee for the municipal and school board elections is $5, excluding the city of Hickory, which charges $12 per candidate.

Election day is Nov. 8.

Municipal and school board terms due for election or re-election include:

Mayor (4-year term) – Incumbent: Robert A. Mullinax
Council (4-year terms) – Incumbents: Wayne Dellinger, Mary Bess Lawing, Tom Rowe

Councilmen (4-year terms) – Incumbents: Don Beal, Penny M. Corpening, Kyle Hayman

Alderman (4-year terms) – Incumbents: Brad Lail (Ward No. 1), Bruce Meisner (Ward No. 2), Danny Seaver (Ward No. 3)

Councilmen (4-year terms) – Incumbents: Nikky E. Setzer, James “PJ” Stanley, Dale Sherrill

Mayor (4-year term) – Incumbent: Vance Readling
Councilmen (4-year terms) – Incumbents: Karen A. Ester, Jeff Isenhour

Mayor (2-year term) – Incumbent: Robert L. Smyre
Councilmen (2-4 year terms) – Incumbents: Max Bumgarner, Jr., David M. Bolden, Howard Ervin

Aldermen (4 year terms) – Incumbents: Sue Noblitt, Harry A. Wallace

Newton Conover School System
Newton District (4 year term) – Incumbent: Jim Stockner
Conover District (4 year term) – Scott Loudermelt, Mark T. Murphy

Hickory School System

Ward No. 4 (4 year term) – Vanessa Linebarger
Ward No. 6 (4 year term) – Joab Cotton
Member at Large (4 year term) – Charlotte C. Williams