A drive to never give up

Life has a way of throwing major roadblocks in our journey towards happiness. Such is the case of Phairlever Woodson Pearson, of Newton. His friends know him as Woody.

Woody was an outstanding athlete at Newton-Conover High School where track, baseball and football were his sports. He continued his interest in sports as he entered Elizabeth City State University in eastern North Carolina. Woody was one of the fastest men in North Carolina during his high school years and early college years. One of his classmates was Jethro Pugh Jr., who later came to be a great defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys.

After college, Woody was employed at a local manufacturing plant for 30 years. During that period of time he played in the Industrial League softball team for his company.

Because of sporadic orders for the various companies in the league, the league folded after a few years because of layoffs that affected the players' employment.

It was after the softball league folded that Woody was asked to join the golf league at work. They had three different leagues, and if he was laid off of one shift, he play on another shift's leagues.

With his athletic ability, Woody was a natural at golf.