Dear editor: Students the heart of Maiden athletics

Dear editor:

There seems to be lots of hoopla going on these days about the dire straits of athletics at Maiden High School.

For a few years it seemed as if Blue Devil athletics were on a declining trend struggling to regain the glories of past seasons. In all the debate over coaching, everyone has overlooked what this bunch of kids has accomplished.

The football team went to the third round of the state playoffs. The basketball team went to the playoffs for the first time in years, and the baseball team won the CVAC tournament and is playing in the second round of the playoffs with the most wins ever in one season. Not to mention a state champ in track (Corbin Boyles, 3200-meter run), strong performances by our tennis teams, and a few of the best golfers in the area.

Absolutely, Maiden has had some great coaches through the years but that is only part of it. The 160-pound kids that go out and work their rear off day in and day out are the heart and soul of the program. It is not the school board, athletic directors, or administration that have been the backbone through the years. But rather, it is a community that embraces those young men and women that have made the sacrifices to make them better athletes.

As the smallest high school in the county the Blue Devils have never had to take a backseat to anyone, and I doubt they will start any time soon. These kids do what the adults should be doing. They care about the name on their jerseys more than the coaches’ names in the program. They care about the pride of their community and the spirit of competition. The athletics at Maiden High School has survived many tough coaching changes and will do it again as the next season rolls around. The Blue Devils have a proud history that will endure whatever controversies that may arise. I assure you that next season at the Maiden vs. Bandys football game in October, the stands will be full of fans from yesteryears and little boys dreaming of being future Blue Devils, regardless of who is coaching on the sidelines.

Let us quit making this about micro-managing school boards, self-serving interests or coaching personalities, and let us get back to the business of schools. Schools, and athletics, are about kids and for kids, not the fragile egos of adults.

Congratulations MHS – Class of 2012 on “ANOTHER” fine year of athletics!

Danny Hipps,
proud parent,

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