Dear editor: Red Devil football will prevail

Dear editor:

Listening to the soundtrack of the movie “We are Marshall,” while cherishing the memories of an incredible journey since 1985 with Newton-Conover Football, I would like to communicate with those who bleed Red Devil Football that OUR — yes, anyone, fans, coaches and players who are or have been part of such a tremendous program will always be able to say “our” — storied football tradition will prevail.

I sit a distance away, but so close to what seems to be many of you wondering and pondering: what happened? Why? Who’s at fault? And so forth.

This situation must not be turned into a blame game or a dart game or a shame game. It is our “kids’ game” and it will soon be game day.

The sad music which turns into joyful music on the “We are Marshall” soundtrack is about to end.

The sad saga that many of us are feeling about Newton-Conover Football will turn joyful again as well.

Without being disrespectful in regards to a tragic event that occurred in West Virginia in the early ‘70s — “OUR” plane did not crash. The engine has only stalled. “Our” program will soar again.

Coach Dennis Dukes,
former Newton-Conover Middle School athletic director and coach (1985-2003);
former Newton-Conover Football assistant coach

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