Dear editor: County leaders must take marriage stand

Dear editor:

I totally disagree that our commissioners should refrain from taking a stand against a very important issue that our county is facing on the ballot in early voting and on May 8. The commissioners are elected to hear and vote on the concerns of the Catawba County residents. It does not matter if it is a business matter or a moral matter. Their job is to represent the people who care enough to give them their votes. I am very proud that they were willing to stand with the majority of Catawba County citizens on the matter of putting an amendment on the N.C. Constitution that defines marriage. It should be a matter that they never should have been forced to vote on but they saw how important it was to the people that chose them to lead us in the right direction at a time others were trying to redefine something that should be a common sense issue. I cannot tell them how much I appreciate them stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing by voting for the marriage amendment resolution. They are heroes in not only my eyes but a lot of Catawba County residents’ eyes.

If you chose to give them darts then so be it because they have proved they are tough and they can handle it!

Thank you Barbara, Dan, and Randy from the bottom of my heart!

Karen R. McDaniel,

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