Dear Editor: Children do best when raised by mother and father

Dear editor:

The marriage amendment is not about or intended to discriminate. It is about preserving and protecting an institution that has existed for almost thousands of years.

Marriage was ordained by God between one man and one woman. Liberals from California, Massachusetts and New York have banded together to misrepresent the facts of this amendment. This is the last standing moral institution and it is time for citizens that believe in moral family values to stand up and vote for this amendment.

The ACLU along with atheists have attacked Christianity and prayer in school since the early 1960s, and you see how schools and society has deteriorated since those attacks were successful. They have kept on and on until now all is left is to attack and change the definition of the traditional family. This will not break up families; it will not take away people’s health insurance; it will not keep jobs out of North Carolina.

In fact, the eight states with the highest employment have passed the Marriage Amendment. The out - of-state effort to stop it in its tracks; claims it hurts families, it hurts children; which is simply a lie. The best foundation for any child is to be raised by a mother and a father. Marriage is between one man and one woman. People of same sex are free to draw up legal contracts between them and protect their rights and assets. How can two men or two women raising a child from birth be a better environment to raise a child?

This amendment protects the current marriage law that states marriage is between one man and one woman from liberal judges that want to legislate from the bench which is how all this started in 2003 in Massachusetts.

In kindergarten children are taught that homosexuality is normal and it gets worse as they progress further in school. Before the end of elementary school they are shown pictures of families with gay parents as normal. This is a socialization process that begins at 5-years-old teaching them homosexuality is normal. We know this is not normal or a normal family situation.

The assault on the moral fabric of our family instructions continues and breaks down our society and we just sit back and let it continue — what will we be left with?

In Massachussetts homosexual couples are given preference over heterosexual couples for adoptions of infants. Think about it, is this really what society under siege needs?

No it is time to stand up and say: Enough is enough. No more. This amendment represents North Carolina family values. Do not let the out-of-state effort hurt our state. Vote yes for the Marriage Amendment when you vote; that marriage is between one man and one woman as it has been for thousands of years. Vote for the future of your children and grandchildren. Vote yes for Amendment 1.

You know children do best when raised by their married mother and father and overwhelming social science evidence shows this. North Carolina is the only southern state that has not protected marriage in its state constitution. Join the other 30 states in protecting marriage in our constitution, where activist
judge or future legislature cannot overturn it. Vote yes.

Thomas S. Kern III,

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