Crash flips car

Several people were injured Friday after a crash on Northwest Boulevard in Newton left one vehicle flipped upside-down.
The crash occurred about 3 p.m. in front of the old Harris Teeter building.
Newton Police officers confirmed more than one person involved in the crash was transported to the hospital, but victims' names weren't released on the scene.
One car involved in the crash, a Honda Civic, was flipped on its front windshield, scattering glass yards away from the point of impact.
Newton Police Capt. Kevin Yarborough said at least two cars were involved in the incident. People in the crash were transported to the hospital with cuts, scrapes and bruises, but Yarborough said their injuries weren't serious. Additional details about what caused the crash were not available Friday as of press time.
Yarborough said an incident report will likely be filed Monday.
Traffic was backed up for about a mile on Northwest Boulevard as personnel from Newton fire and police departments, as well as Newton-Conover Rescue Squad, worked to clear the scene.
When the Civic flipped over, the impact shattered the car's windows and scattered its contents on the ground.
A NPD officer was stationed at the intersection of Northwest Boulevard and West 20th Street directing and diverting traffic away from the crash. Drivers were asked to drive through the empty parking lot of the old Harris Teeter and exit the lot several yards away from the scene of the crash.
A towing company attached a chain to the Civic's undercarriage to lift the vehicle back on its wheels before removing the vehicle from the roadway.
Emergency workers were onsite for about an hour before clearing the scene.