Couple Fell in Love 'Immediately'

He had been married, and so had she. Neither one was looking for a relationship. But sometimes Cupid works his wonders. Mary Auman and David Sigmon met Nov. 2, at Bob Evans Restaurant, for an AARP medicare meeting. Though it was love at first sight, neither Auman, 70, nor Sigmon, 72 fully realized then. “We both were looking to renew our medicare plan,” Auman said. “When I arrived, there were hardly any seats left, except the seat beside David.” Auman and Sigmon talked a little, listened to the presentation and talked to a few people. Sigmon, still seated, asked Auman if he could call her, and suggested they go out to eat. “I was reluctant,” she said. “I told people, and I told him I didn’t want an old man to look after. “He told me he wasn’t looking for an old woman, either,” she laughed. Auman gave Sigmon one of her business cards — she’s an artist, and Sigmon remarked he was an artist, too. The next morning, Sigmon called and asked Auman to breakfast at the Snack Bar. “I told him I already ate breakfast, I wasn’t dressed, and my hair wasn’t fixed,” she laughed. I tried everything to get rid of him.” Sigmon told her to come anyway and have coffee. "I don’t drink coffee, and I told him that,” she said. “He told me to just come over and have orange juice. So, I told him to give me 20 minutes." The 20 minutes ran into 30, and Sigmon thought Auman was a no-show. But, Auman arrived, sipped her orange juice, and realized she felt a bit uncomfortable. Auman was married to her first husband for 13 years, and 34 years to her second husband. “I felt I shouldn’t be there,” she said. ‘“Later, David told me he realized I was uncomfortable.” Two new friends talked, and Sigmon told Auman he would call. Next day or so, he called again, and they talked more. They discovered they live 1.7 miles from each other. The more they talked, the more things in common they found. “Well, it turned into a relationship, and both of us fell in love immediately,” Auman smiled. “We decided, at our age, there’s no need to put it off — just go ahead and get married.” Auman and Sigmon went to the Register of Deeds office to get their marriage license, and found out about the special Valentine’s Day wedding event. “We decided there was no need to put if off, and since it is coming up Valentine’s, we decided to do it then,” Auman said. “David is so good to me and such a wonderful person,” she said. “He is everything I would ever look for if I ever married again, and he says the same thing.”