Conflict delays Bakers' court

A scheduling conflict with defense attorney Scott Reilly once again delayed matters in the misdemeanor cases against Adam and Elisa Baker.

Adam Troy Baker, 33, and Elisa Annette Baker, 42, were expected to appear Monday in Caldwell County District Court for charges that stem from May 2010. However, Shell Pearce, who represents Adam Baker, said Reilly had to be in Newton for a separate trial. Since prosecutors plan to hear the evidence at the same time, their cases were continued until June 13.

Charges for communicating threats were filed against Adam and Elisa Baker for a May 13, 2010, incident that took place in the Hudson area.

According to complaints on file at the Clerk of Court’s office, Adam and Elisa threatened to harm a woman, man and a then-7-month-old girl.

According to the complaint, Adam chased the woman and man in a car along Horseshoe Bend Road, trying to run them off the road and stopping in front of them. Adam also apparently swerved the car he was driving toward the driver’s side of the vehicle driven by the female victim, bringing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

The complaint alleges that Adam threatened to kill the woman, her fiance and their daughter, indicating that Elisa Baker claimed to have a Taser with her in the vehicle and would come and get her.

The incident appeared to be regarding money owed to Elisa by the man.

According to his statement, there was mention of a .45-caliber gun, and Elisa told him she wanted more money than he paid. The statement says that Elisa knew where the daughter was and would kill her if she was not paid.

The female victim indicated she feared for her safety through a written statement.

Elisa Baker also was charged with communicating threats from an incident May 23, 2010, when she reportedly threatened to hit two women she thought were talking about her daughter.

In an unrelated case, the Bakers were charged with writing worthless checks to area retailers on several occasions in May 2010 and not returning rental property. Elisa Baker also failed to appear in court on several traffic offenses that date back as far as March 2004.

Adam and Elisa Baker first made headlines in October 2010 when Adam reported his 10-year-old daughter Zahra Baker missing. Detectives with the Hickory Police Department launched a full investigation into her disappearance, which led to Elisa Baker being charged with obstruction of justice. A Catawba County Grand Jury indicted her on that charge because she allegedly wrote a bogus ransom note to hinder the investigation.

The charges against Elisa Baker have been piling up since detectives with the Hickory Police Department made the grisly discovery that remains found along Christie Road and Dudley Shoals Road in Caldwell County were that of Zahra Baker. She was charged with second-degree murder in late February and indicted on bigamy charges in January. She allegedly was married to Aaron Young when she married Adam Baker in 2008. Elisa Baker also was indicted by a Caldwell County Grand Jury for using her biological daughter’s name to obtain power and electricity services.

Elisa Baker’s next court appearance in Caldwell County will be during the week of May 2 for obtaining property by false pretenses. She also is expected back in Catawba County court June 27 for the obstruction of justice and second-degree murder charges.

Elisa Baker remains confined to the Catawba County Detention Center while Adam Baker is not custody. Pearce indicated Monday that Adam plans to return to Australia when possible.