Claremont welcomes new officers

The road to full-time officer has not been a short one for new Claremont police officers, Cody Jarvis and Alan Russell.  The two men have offically been full-time officers for two weeks, but the both started their part-time law enforcement careers at Claremont.

Russell, who worked part-time in Claremont for three years, said the full-time position is a dream come true. The 31-year-old from Alexander County said it's something he's wanted for a very long time and it's been an experience to see it finally happen. He said during his three years he had his doubts, but in the last two weeks he's needed someone to pinch him.

“It hasn't sank in yet,” Russell said. “I'm still getting into the routine. I'm enjoying the ride, and plan to go out and do the same job I always have.”

Russell was sponsored by the Alexander County Sheriff's Office to attend Basic Law Enforcement Training, and said he knew that he always wanted to be a law enforcement officer. Looking back on his time in Claremont, he remembers his first interview with the department.

“Lieutenant Allen Long was one of the interviewers, he looked at my information and said, 'we have a problem, you spelled your name wrong,'” Russell said.

After that interview he knew the department was a fun and personalable place to work. Once hired on as a part-time officer  he said he has learned to love the department and the people he works with. He said another great aspect of the department was the opportunity he's had to learn. He said the departmet has always encouraged education, and found that in the past he was able to attend schools as a part-time officer more than some full time staff members.

Jarvis had a similar experience when hired on as a part-time officer a year ago. Jarvis said as a part-time officer he enjoyed getting to work with everyone from the department. He said with the part-time schedule he usually didn't work with the same officers, this helped him to learn things from everyone. The field education payed off when Jarvis pulled over his first drunk driver nine months into his part-time job. He said he just remembered all the steps he had learned, and even after a scuffle with the driver he was able to get the him off the road.

Jarvis credits his law enforcement start to his mom and stepdad, who both served as officers.When it was his turn to attend school, the 25-year-old from Catawba was sponsored by Claremont and found his way back. He said he remembers applying for the job and waiting three months before hearing anything back. Now, as a full-time officer, he said he looks forward to getting out in the city and doing his job.

“I plan on making this a long term position,” Jarvis said, “This is my home and they keep us busy enough to fuel the fire but not get burnt out.”