City manager takes office

Claremont's new city manager is in office and ready to serve the citizens.
Doug Barrick started Sept. 27 as Claremont city manger, and he said he is excited for the opportunities the job holds.
"So far, so good," Barrick said. "It's just been a whirlwind."
Since his first day in office, Barrick sat down with department heads and discussed ongoing projects and other partnerships.
"My focus has been on meeting all the people we work with," he said.
Barrick previously worked as the town of Cornelius project manager. He grew up in Lincoln County, and he has family in Catawba County, so when the job opened for city manager, Barrick jumped at the opportunity.
"It's an area that (my family and I) wanted to stay in," Barrick said. "When the position came up, I thought I couldn't turn it down."
Barrick commutes about 40 miles to Claremont from Cornelius. He listed his Cornelius home for sale this weekend.
"My goal is to make sure the city is going to be as progressive as possible, without having the city lose it's traditional ways," he said.
He wants to increase ways to inform the citizens about activities going on in the city and during council meetings through the use of electronic media and an updated website.
Barrick said the city's innovative ways and industrial base make it, "not a typical small town." These qualities, he said, are what make him excited to start the position as city manager.
"(Claremont's) got a good mix," he said.
Barrick said he also wants to work long-term with city council members to outline goals and priorities so, "we can move forward as a team."
Barrick's salary as city manager is $56,500.
Barrick, his wife and daughter attended Claremont Day on Saturday for the opportunity to meet Claremont citizens.
"It was refreshing for me," he said. "I bet it took us two hours just to walk one block."
As city manager, Barrick wants to be accessible to residents.
"I strongly encourage anyone who has a concern or a question or just wants to talk to come by my office," he said.