City interviews manager candidates

laremont officials will meet this week to interview candidates for the vacant city manager position.

City Council and Claremont citizen Jennifer Lowrance will interview three candidates for the job Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. during closed-session special meetings.

Candidates will be asked a series of more than 20 questions during the interview, and each candidate will be asked the same questions.

“I’ve done several interviews before, and it’s good to include (citizens),” said Tom Hogg, Claremont’s interim city manager.

All interviews will be video taped with sound and audio in the event Council members are unavailable to attend an interview session.

Before the interview, candidates have the opportunity to meet with Hogg and learn more about Claremont, its industries and citizens.

“I’ll drive them around Claremont, and we’ll talk,” Hogg said. “(Before I was interim city manager), I had no idea the industry in Claremont. They’re amazed when they see all of it.”

About 37 people applied for the job, which was advertised for three weeks. The city continues to receive applications.

“We’re looking for someone who has the enthusiasm and who is generally excited to see Claremont grow,” said Mayor David Morrow. “We want someone to be dedicated to the city and someone who has the experience and the knowledge.”

Although Lowrance is included in the interview process, it is ultimately Council’s decision to hire a candidate.

After interviewing candidates, Claremont City Council will decide whether to hire any of the candidates, and Morrow will offer the candidate the job.
“It all depends on where (candidates) are and their situation as to when they can come on the job,” Hogg said.

Hogg will continue working in Claremont for about one week after the new city manager is hired to ensure a smooth transition.

“Once they’re here, they’ll be city manager, but I’ll be here to answer questions,” Hogg said. “When I leave, whoever is sitting in the chair will have my personal cell phone number.”

The city manager’s salary ranges from $48,000-65,000, depending on candidates’ experience, education and where they live while serving as city manager.

Hogg said he thinks the new city manager will be asked in live within the Claremont Fire District.

Like Morrow, Hogg said a good city manager will be committed to the job and serving Claremont residents.

“It’s someone who doesn’t have an agenda, except to do the best job he or she can,” Hogg said. “You’ve got to have a lot of patience and a lot of energy.”

Each candidate is asked to stay about three years as Claremont’s city manager.

“I just think this is a great opportunity for the candidate the council comes up with,” Hogg said.

After Council hires a new city manager, Hogg will leave his position in Claremont and look for a new position elsewhere.

“The staff in Claremont is great, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with them,” Hogg said. “They’re a bunch of professionals. I’ve enjoyed the area, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know a bunch of new people that I haven’t met before.”