CCS' survey deadline approaches

The search for a new Catawba County Schools superintendent is under way.
Advertisements for the available position were posted Sept. 7, and the application deadline is Nov. 22. The CCS Board of Education hired the N.C. School Board Association to accept applications and serve as a hub for the search.
Meanwhile, CCS employees and community members are asked to complete an online survey, which was posted Sept. 7 on the CCS website at
CCS attorney Crystal Davis said an e-mail was sent to all CCS employees asking for their participation in the survey, and advertisements were posted for residents to get information about completing the survey. Davis said the staff survey has a different angle about recommendations in the workplace, as oppose to the community survey, which focuses on student and parent needs and desires for the district.
"It's important (to complete the survey) because if the community has concerns about the school system, or if the community has ideas about things that need to be addressed in the school system, this is a way for them to give us input," Davis said.
The survey gives the community a hand in choosing characteristics necessary in the next CCS superintendent.
"The board will consider (the community's) input in selecting the candidate for superintendent," Davis said. "We really want input from the community. That's always been the philosophy of the school system."
The deadline to complete the online survey is Oct. 7. Visit