CCS budget drops 2 positions

Catawba County Schools teachers are safe this year after the Board of Education approved its $142 million budget for the new school year.
Even though CCS will not make additional teacher cuts this year, an energy management position and a student services position were cut from this year's budget. Other possible teacher cuts were saved after faculty and staff retired from CCS, which left openings that will not be filled right now in order to protect jobs.

In addition, there is a 12.5 percent reduction in staff development.
CCS Public Information Officer Carleen Crawford said the original staff development reduction was set at 25 percent. After CCS received the state's education budget, it was able to reduce the anticipated reduction by half.

"Staff development is training," Crawford said. "Everybody has to have it. They will still train, but there just won't be as much money for workshops and seminars."

There was also a reduction in library book funds. CCS' average daily membership is 17,227, which is the state's projection for CCS enrollment this year. The reduction is $1 per student for library book funds.

"If our ADM radically changes, such as if we enroll more students than their projections, (the budgeted amount) can increase," Crawford said. "If our enrollment is less than anticipated, (the state) can ask for money back."

Also, CCS will receive $1.69 per student for textbooks and $650,210 in classroom materials from the state.

Catawba County Commissioners will give CCS $1,433 per student for the 2010-11 school year.