CCS Board approves personnel cuts

Catawba County Schools Board of Education approved to cut 34 certified positions and 27 teacher assistant positions at its Monday meeting.

The 34 positions cut include:
2 central office positions
1.5 ESL teachers
11.5 exceptional children teachers
6 elementary positions
1 middle school position
6 high school positions
2 high school media positions
2 high school counselors
1 dropout prevention counselor
1 More at Four position

CCS Superintendent Glenn Barger said some of the employees in the above positions might not have the same duties within the school system, but they are still employed with CCS.

In addition to the 34 jobs cut, Barger also told the Board of Education that 27 teacher assistant positions will be cut. However, 10 of those include resignations; therefore, a total of 17 teacher assistants will be relieved of their duties.

"This was a painstaking process," Barger said.

The identities of the selected teacher assistants to be relieved of their positions will be revealed at the July 18 board meeting after officials review teacher assistants based on their attendance records, performance and longevity with CCS.

The vote to cut the positions was approved 6-1, with board member David Brittain opposing. Brittain said he thinks there are other places the Board of Education should look to save funds instead of cutting these positions.

"I absolutely feel like there are other things to cut," Brittain said, but adding he had no specific examples for budget cuts Monday night.