Cash Mob comes to downtown Newton

Cash Mob Catawba is organizing it’s second “Cash Mob” event scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 5:30 p.m. in Downtown Newton.

The growing group of Catawba citizens, enthusiastic about supporting local businesses, invites everyone to join the monthly movement by showing up and supporting another locally-owned business.

This month’s cash mob will target a retailer in  downtown Newton’s business district. This is a great opportunity to visit one of the areas historic downtowns, as mobbers will meet at the Historic Courthouse Square before descending upon the chosen business.

Cash Mob Catawba encourages residents, business owners, and all others who want to support their local community to show up and divert $20 of their current spending budget to support local businesses.

The businesses chosen for the cash mob must be locally-owned, civic minded, offer items at or below $20, offer items that appeal to both men and women, and have ample parking nearby. After the mobbing, participants will continue the economic stimulus, by gathering at a local cafe, restaurant, or bar to celebrate and mingle. During the after-mob, door prizes provided by other local businesses will be awarded.

Cash Mob Catawba will target a local business each month. The community is encouraged to nominate businesses that meet the criteria by posting their suggestions on the Cash Mob Catawba Facebook page, or by visiting their website,

Each month, the next mob destination will be chosen randomly by the current target business owner, giving each nominee a fair opportunity and keeping the momentum and excitement growing.

The city or town will be revealed at that time, but the actual business will be kept secret until the day of the event.

Since the fall of 2011, cash mobs have been descending on local businesses across the country, positively impacting many local retailers and communities. The turnout varies from event to event, but since their first cash mob on Jan. 21, Cash Mob Catawba has seen the interest in their Facebook page triple. The goal is to harness the social media interest and transfer those “likes” to active participation at the actual events. The more exposure locally-owned businesses receive, the more people will visit their storefronts, which means greater success for local businesses and the community overall.

Cash Mob Catawba’s organizers realize the concept will not solve all the economic concerns of Catawba County local businesses overnight, but hope to change the way people think about shopping locally. The hope is that before going directly to big-box chains, or traveling to other areas to shop, residents will consider Catawba County businesses, therefore having a positive impact on the local economy and their local community.

To find out more about Cash Mob Catawba find them at or Twitter (@CashMobCatawba).

Nominate your favorite local business for an upcoming cash mob.

If you’d like more information about this Cash Mob Catawba event feel free to contact organizer Sharon Rutherford 828-578-1475 or LeAnna Graves at 828-320-8812.