Both Hicks and Indians are under ‘One Heartbeat’

The Wayne Hicks era was officially ushered in at St. Stephens on Thursday with his first practice as head coach.

Hicks was pleased with how his team came out and performed on the practice field.

“It was very upbeat today,” he said. “I’m very pleased with the progress and the attitudes in particular. On the field, we have a lot of work to do.”

Hicks entered his first official practice with 78 players, but says there is still room to add more players.

“It is not where we want it to be honest with you,” Hicks said of his team’s numbers. “We would still take some ninth grade kids who out there. There are more JV kids than varsity.”

One concern Hicks doesn’t have is with injures.

“The (North Carolina High School Athletic) Association rules that they have enacted now where you have so many days with helmets and shells before making contact have been good for the game. It doesn’t beat the kids up as much. Kids are fresher. We don’t have nearly the amount of injuries in preseason as we used to have.”

The Indians have adopted the motto, “One Heartbeat” for their 2013 football season.

“It’s not only the team, but about the community and everyone involved with the school,” Hicks said. “We want to have one tight-knit group.”
With a new stadium and new silver helmets, Hicks is hoping the Indians’ new flair rubs off on the entire St. Stephens area.

“There is a very positive vibe in this community because of our stadium,” Hicks said. “These kids have worked awfully hard, too. Many in this community are excited because of the kids and the work they have put in.”